Finland, among the other Nordic countries, is known for the long cold winters and its distinctive people with dark melancholic mentality. Yet we are still a quite mysterious brother next to our dear Scandinavian neighbors.

I’m often asked, what is Finnish music and culture about? Is there seriously over 50 metal bands per every 100,000 people, as recently claimed by the metal music website Encyclopaedia Metallum? How about the classical music masters? Do you really fit it all in the same small country of 6 million people? Yes, oh yes. From my born and raised Finnish point of view, I could answer that our culture is very modest, beautiful and silent. But that would be little misleading. Actually, there’s quite a lot of noise going on in the cellars, music venues, and the festivals. When you step in the room, it’s just pure magic. Arctic magic. Well, let me tell you.

Blaming the long winters or not, it seems Finnish music has always brought out its best in the marginal. We may not be pop chart breakers like the Swedes, or we may not know how to burn the churches like Norwegian black metallists, but we have some other serious rabbits in the hat. Finnish rock, metal, punk, folk and electronic music have been acknowledged all over the world by the fans and the listeners.

Through the genre limits, what sums up Finnish music are melancholy, creativity and high quality that combine both diligent rehearsing and artistic integrity. And a huge portion of peculiar humour and rock ‘n’ roll attitude…it’s there.

So that’s what this article series will be presenting you in monthly slices. Stay tuned!

– Katri

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come!

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