Something that inevitably belongs to Finnish culture is fierce rock ‘n’ roll. As a country of metalheads and headbangers, it’s not surprising that we also have guilty pleasures such as glam metal.

Since the 80’s, the Finns have shown the world how to kick out the jams while rocking full make-up and wild hairdos. Who knows the source of our Nordic folks adopting the wicked tradition of wearing spandex and tons of hairspray, but it appears to come as natural as a viking wearing a flamboyant helmet.

Right now, the most intriguing glam metal band from Northern Europe is Finland’s Reckless Love, a band that swears in the name of positive energy. A cheerful spirit isn’t always a keyword for the obscene rock ‘n’ roll culture we’re all used to, but Reckless Love’s devotion to keeping a smile on their faces is one of their trademarks.

Founded in 2001, the band has a long history of raising eyebrows. Their 80’s glam rock-inspired lyrics about girls, sex and motorbikes makes it easy to misjudge and doom Reckless Love to the category of humorous sleeze-grinders, but their brave use of irony without apologies shows that these guys are serious. Their live shows leave the critics unarmed as energetic, charismatic front-man Olli Herman leads the show with his hard-working band that does not fade into the background.

Since releasing two successful albums (Reckless Love in 2010 and Animal Attraction in 2011), Reckless Love is currently touring in Europe and recently teamed up with ex- Hanoi Rocks and HIM manager Seppo Vesterinen to keep the band driving eagerly towards the international success.

Personally, after seeing them play live multiple times, I can tell this band has a priceless attitude about playing rock ‘n’ roll. There’s no doubt that Reckless Love has come to conquer an audience that seems willing to surrender.

Here’s a taste.

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