On Oct 11, 2011 Razika played their first ever US performance at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY – and we were lucky enough to be there.

“We’re going to play two Norwegian songs then a whole bunch of English ones!” were the first words singer Marie Amdam said just as the band breaks into Eg vetsje and the audience instantly starts their foot-tapping and head bopping.

This quartet of 19-year olds (Marie Amdam, Maria Råkil, Marie Moe og Embla Karidotter) from Bergen, Norway have known each other since they were 6 and have been playing been playing together since they were 14. Categorized as Indie ska, these girls play infectious feel-good, up-beat songs that make the listener want to dance and sing along, in whatever language the can.

The band kicks up the pace even more which brings them into the English singing part of the night – or sort of. Nytt på nytt, a Norwegian title with English lyrics, is “Confusing, but we’ll get by.” These girls project innocence and fun in their performance and songs. Moving flawlessly from song to song, they demonstrate professionalism, technical skills, and performance abilities years beyond their age.

After the Do da dooo, da do da do do da do do-do daaaa do da do’s of Youth, the most infectious of the bands songs and sing-along harmonies, Marie interacts with the audience once again to tell the story of how they were shopping in NYC’s Topshop and they heard their very own Above All playing over the system, and asked the cashier for a discount! “We felt cool!” (As you should!)

Rounding out the evening the girls played a cover of the 1960s Norwegian pop group The Pussycats, Why We Have to Wait in all its sunshiny, dancey beach party goodness which then ends out with Vondt i hjertet – once again demonstrating that when it comes to music, language is not a barrier, as this song feels so good, you just want to sing along no matter what language it’s in!

Overall, Razika writes the songs that make the sun shine on a cloudy day and their first US appearance was, in this reviewers mind, a wonderful experience and introduction to them!

P.S. enjoy your new guitars, girls!

Razika’s debut album Program 91 is out now!


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