Last known as indie folk spinner The Migrant, Bjarke Bendtsen has returned home to Copenhagen, Denmark to join musical forces with a band of fellow Danes to become Rainbrother, and their debut album “Tales From The Drought” is out today.

No doubt a reconciliation of his years on the road performing solo as The Migrant, the Rainbrother’s album is about living the rootless life — the spherical memories and discovering the person the experience of purposeful wandering shapes.

Next month, Rainbrother will wander to SXSW in Austin, TX to play a series of official showcases, so if you can be there you should make plans to catch them perform.

Juggler, the 4th track on “Tales From the Drought”, is endearing earth-rock, and our current favorite on the album.

Of course, as we repeat-listen to the other tracks — like the guitar jangly Riverside, story-weaving, melancholic Blue, and rapid-fire, reflexing Break Out — our favorite album song will change, which is an apt reflection of the album’s feel as a whole.

Welcome back, Bjarke. We dig Rainbrother and think the world will, too.

Listen to the whole album on Spotify, here:

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