Time flies when you’re having fun constantly listening to Nordic music to share here on Nordic Spotlight! Suddenly it’s almost the start of South by Southwest Music again. Come March, we’ll be in Austin, Texas once again to cover the bands that hail from Northern Europe.

This SXSW is different, though, for two reasons: 1) There will be a record number of Nordic artists performing official showcases from March 13-19 at SXSW, and 2) We’re supporting a new initiative aptly called Nordic Music at SXSW to ensure that these talented artists get the North American promotion they deserve by exclusively covering them on Nordic Spotlight. In other words, it’s gonna be the best SXSW yet!

To kick off our SXSW coverage (and give you something to look forward to) we’ve compiled a couple of songs from each of Nordic artists scheduled to play at SXSW in this Spotify playlist…we hope you like it and play it often. Stay tuned for more SXSW 2017 Nordic music news here, on this platform, and if you aren’t already, connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Push play, let’s dance!

Editor’s note: UPDATED PLAYLIST! Some artists can’t make it, some have been added…push play to listen and hear what to look forward to at SXSW Music 2017.

Baskery — Stockholm
Simian Ghost — Stockholm
Mouthe — Gothenburg
Kite — Stockholm
Skott — Stockholm
Albin Lee Meldau — Gothenburg

Chain Wallet — Bergen
Dark Times — Oslo
Tuvaband — Oslo
Coucheron — Sandvika
Slick Shoota — Oslo
Darling West — Oslo
Ask Carol — Oslo
WNDR — Oslo
kakkmaddafakka — Bergen
Farida — Gjøvik
KREAM — Bergen
BAYA — Kolsås
Bearson — Oslo
Sturle Dagsland — Stavanger

Satellite Stories — Oulu
Tuomo & Markus — Helsinki

Agnes Obel — Copenhagen
Small Time Giants — Copenhagen/Nuuk
CHINAH — Copenhagen
Rainbrother — Copenhagen
ELOQ — Copenhagen
Uyarakq x Peand-eL — Nuuk

One Week Wonder — Reykjavik
Dream Wife — Reykjavik/London
Mammút — Reykjavik

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