There’s this communal feeling that disseminates through space and permeates your body when you hear the Norwegian outfit Pelicat. Listening to its tunes, a compulsion to sway and bob and flitter becomes omnipresent. Its music is the kind you’d hear bringing strangers together in a dingy basement in suburban America or at a local haunt’s libatious evening.

Although Pelicat doesn’t veer much from the norm, you’d be remiss to ignore these folks and their brand of jaunty pop rock. “Tell Me I’m Wrong,” off the band’s eponymous debut album, is a swirl of jangle pop, psychedelia, and indie rock that certainly meets the criteria for a jolly good time.

It’s uncomplicated, really; Pelicat borrows elements from ‘70s rock and pop artists to satiate our nostalgia fix and dole it out in a truly cheerful song, brimming with catchy twangs and balanced with a hearty bassline. For much of the track, “Tell Me I’m Wrong” chugs along with an upbeat song structure; after Pelicat amps up the momentum of an already gloriously joyful jam with a brief segment of rad riffage, the band transitions back down to its hallmark sunny melody.

Lyrically, “Tell Me I’m Wrong” is about focusing on the better qualities in a person in spite of their negative traits. “But I know what you are / Tell me I’m wrong / Pushing it over the top / Tell me I’m wrong / Going around and around / Tell me I’m wrong,” Pelicat sings on the chorus. Although our narrator realizes that, after fully getting to know and understand someone, they simply may not be that great of a person, he nevertheless tries to keep an open heart and shun the belief that people are purely bad or good. This optimism falls right in line with the rosy rhythm of the song.

Although Norway might best be known for black metal, replete with its dystopian atmospherics and caustic soundscapes, those of us who look to Norway for something else can reliably count on the boys of Pelicat to liven up the mood. Pelicat’s self-titled new album is out now, so be sure to give it a listen for more delightful gems.

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