Out via the Norwegian label Toothfairy, Pasha‘s newest party banger Prettyboi Bounce is the first collaboration with singer Soul Gem since last year’s hit Colorblind.

Produced by Norwegian hitmakers Lemaitre and Coucheron (who we just saw perform at SXSW 2017), the bass lines, retro vibes, and street funk flow of Prettyboi Bounce will make this year’s summer playlist that much hotter.

Pasha’s smooth rap, live shows, and catchy hooks have generated a lot of hype since he broke into the rap scene two years ago, which makes it no surprise that music review giant NME spotlighted him as essential new music for 2017.

We predict you’ll hear this track on the radio or in a club very soon, and you’ll smile because you’ve been listening to it since March and already have your bounce ready to impress.

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