Panetoz is a Swedish multi-ethnicity group, with members originating from Gambia, Ethiopia, Angola, Congo, and Finland-Sweden that formed in 1997 by high school buddies Pa Modou, Nebeyu and Tobias.

Over the years, old members have left and new members have been added. The current members are Pa Moudou Badjie, Nebeyu Baheru, Johan Hirvi, Daniel Nzinga, and Njol Ismail Badjie:

Panetoz’s music possesses a very unique sound.

“Singing in English was never an option, and their minds were set on combining the best of the two worlds – the African roots and their Swedish homes. Hence the Panetoz sound is truly one of a kind: it is not common in the hip hop culture of today to embrace your native language.”

Source: Panetoz Official Website

Dansa Pausa, a catchy Afro-pop fusion single by Panetoz released in February of this year, has already reached #1 on hit lists for all of Sweden, on Spotify and iTunes, and on the Sverigetopplista (Swedish nation record charts), making it a certified double platinum track. The sweet, fun and high-energy music video for Dansa Pausa has more than 1.7million views, as well.

Not only is Panetoz successful in music, they’re also very good at making people laugh! A hilarious Dansa Pausa flash mob in a Stockholm subway train recently created a happy chaos that made Swedish strangers dance.

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