Before I pushed play on this new track from Danish twosome Palace Winter for the first time, I was finishing up going down a nostalgic wormhole listening to old Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, and Love & Rockets tracks. I was so far down that path that I was sure that I had somehow triggered Spotify instead of SoundCloud and was listening to something from Express or Love Hysteria. But, no, it was actually Carl Coleman and Caspar Hesselager and their new track capturing that same essence of late ’80s goth-tinged pop music that had me deeply in its sway as I was entering my teen years. The Palace Winter take on that sound is far sweeter and owes more to the modern indie pop aesthetic, but those yearning acoustic guitars and Moog Taurus pedal bassline, it would still fit nicely in a playlist between “It Could Be Sunshine” and “Strange Kind Of Love.”

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