Lydmor & Bon Homme

Welcome to what we hope will be a regular feature here: the Nordic Spotlight Virtual Mixtape. The concept is simple enough – we ask a favorite Nordic artist to compile a small playlist of tunes that they love and/or are inspired by, and offer up some commentary about their picks.

We couldn’t be more excited about the artist kicking off this new feature:  the sexy and silly Danish pop duo Lydmor & Bon Homme. The pair are currently in the sway of promoting their fantastic new album Seven Dreams of Fire, but took a few moments to jot down some notes on some of their favorite tunes. So, push play on the playlist and check out their thoughts below.

Caribou: Silver
The indie synth/beats bosses. I sometimes put on this album and listened to it next to our productions to try and beat them…ha ha. Very good reference on just how nice, warm and crazy the synths can sound while still maintaining a fair amount of pop edge. It’s hard to pick one song as it’s more the vibe than the songs that turns me on…but this one is really nice on the synths and chords.

Chris Isaak: Wicked Game
I know…every musician in the world would love to have written that song. But especially on this album I found this track useful as inspiration and guiding light. It’s so quiet, yet still so loud somehow. And it’s so beautiful that it almost hurts. It’s simple, it’s warm sounding, like a long big hug. But also scary somehow. Wow

Angelo Badalamenti: Laura Palmer’s Theme
In some way, I wish we had made a whole album with synths just like these, and then just some deep beats underneath. Perhaps next time. Great chords, great atmoshere, again, painstakingly beautiful and at the same time super scary.

Billy Idol: White Wedding
Ha ha. Old school. I don’t know much about him. This is perhaps the only track of his I know. But this groove was definitely in the back of my head when producing Dreams Of Fire. And also the way it’s uptempo and energetic but still very very cool and calm somehow. Very sexy. It was fun leaving the safe haven of disco and venture into boogie rock.

The Glitch Mob: Between Two Points
A wonderful symphony of vocal production and the lyrics are a beautiful poem. A lot of the Glitch Mob stuff is a bit too dance-pop for my taste, but this is absolutely wonderful.

Taragana Pyjarama: Ariel
This is such a pearl. I had the pleasure of hearing it for the first time, half a year before it was released, in a shady bar in Vietnam, where I played a double show with the Taragana guys. It has stayed with me ever since

Highasakite: Lover, Where Do You Live?
This is just pure shivers down the spine. Such an intensity and honesty in her voice.

Seinabo Sey: Hard Times
Simple, pure, genius! The rhythm of the melody and the rest of the production is so elaborate yet piercing. Dances off the tongue.




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