Our final summer festival preview episode bounces you all around the Nordic nations, from the Krökbacken Festival in Leksand, Sweden to the Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland to Oslo, Norway where Øya Festival is set to kick off. Dig into these tunes and get inspired to start planning your adventure to visit Scandinavia this summer or next.


Alan Walker (NO) – Faded [performing at Weekend Festival, Stockholm] Antti Tuisku (FI) – Pyydä multa anteeks kunnolla [performing at Weekend Festival, Helsinki] Farida (NO) – Switch [performing at Øya Festival] Maxida Marak (SE) – Mitt Största Fan [performing at Way Out West] Sansibar (FI) – I/O [performing at Flow Festival] Ary (NO) – Higher [performing at Pstereo Festival] Little Jinder (SE) – Jag måste sluta leva som jag lever för evigt [performing at The Island Festival] Kygo (NO) – Firestone [performing at Cloud Nine Festival] Oh Hiroshima (SE) – Ellipse [performing at Live At Heart] Graveyard (SE) – Can’t Walk Out [performing at Getaway Rock] Ironbird (SE) – Black Mountain [performing at Krökbacken] Craneium (FI) – Dr. Plague [performing at Krökbacken]

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