For the next few episodes of our podcast Nordic Spotlight Monthly, we’re going be highlighting the summer music festivals happening throughout the Nordic nations, as well as playing some tunes by the many artists playing these events.

For this first installment, we take a look at:

Sideways Festival (June 17 – 18)
Bergenfest (June 15 – 18)
Secret Solstice (June 16 – 19)
Northside Festival (June 17 – 19)
Tinderbox (June 23 – 25)
Roskilde (June 25 – July 2)
Provinssi (June 30 – July 2)
Bråvalla Festival (June 30 – July 2)

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Susanne Sundfør – Delirious
Ghost World – Good Riddance
Hage – The Taste
Astrid S – Paper Thin
Lily The Kid – Breathe
Soffia Bjorg – Back & Back Again
Velvet Volume – Running Wild
Baby In Vain – The Urge
Veronica Maggio – Sergels torg
Aurora – Home
Anna von Hausswolff – Evocation
Anna Puu – Ota minut tällaisena kuin oon
Chisu – Ihana
Zara Larsson – Lush Life
Tjuva – Know About Us

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