A new episode of Nordic Spotlight Monthly is here! This time around we are letting the featured artists sing to us in their native language. Each of the tracks here is performed in either Icelandic, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, or Finnish. And they are all, we think, pretty darn fantastic.

We’ll let you be the judge of this, though. Check out the podcast below, or if you’re feeling daring, head over to iTunes to subscribe to our show and you’ll receive every episode when they become available. And if you’re so inclined, leave us a comment or review so other people can find out about the incredible music from the Nordic nations.


Heidi Mortenson (DK) – Gennemsigtig
Ella Rammelt (SE) – Doften av dig
Swimmingpool (DK) – Dagene er korte
The Sugarcubes (IS) – Vatn
Sanni (FI) – Että Mitähän Vittua
Katrine Stochholm (DK) – En Dejlig Aften, Stille Sølvklart Vandet
Dungen (SE) – Satt Att Se
OKAY-KAYA (NO) – Durer
Hrim (IS) – Ástarnetið
Puhti (FI) – Helevetin saaria
Navneløs (DK) – Buskeløs
Silvana Imam (SE) – Jag Är En Fakkin Gee
Erlend Ropstad (NO) – Bare Kom
Reykjavikurdaetur (IS) – Turninn
Kemialliset Ystävät (FI) – Alempana kuin enkelit

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