A new edition of our podcast, Nordic Spotlight Monthly has arrived! This time around, we are pointing our spotlight on the vibrant hip-hop community that has taken the Nordic nations by storm over the last 25 years.

Having grown up here in the U.S. surrounded by this homegrown sound, it was a welcome shock to the system to be in Iceland watching dozens of young people losing their shit to the sounds of artists like Úlfur Úlfur and Emmsje Gauti. And they aren’t alone as we have been stumbling upon some impressive rhymers from all over Scandinavia, many of whom we are featuring on this month’s podcast.


Arif (NO) – Sulten

Reykjavikurdaetur (IS) – Segi∂barasatt

Ukendt Kunstner (DK) – Neonlys

Úlfur Úlfur (IS) – Tarantular

Silvana Imam (SE) – Hon Va

Lars Vaular (NO) – Dessverre

Emmsje Gauti (IS) – Djammaeli

Ruger Hauer (FI) – Aika ala jata

OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene (NO) – Styggen på ryggen

Malk De Koijn (DK) – Toback to the fromtime

Karpe Diem (NO) – Vestkantsvartinga

Cell7 (IS) – Gal Pon Di Scene

Elastinen feat. Lauri Tähkä (FI) – Lempo

We hope you enjoy the show – and if you are a fan, head over to iTunes and leave us a review or some feedback. And be sure to tell your fellow music fans about us as well.

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