The latest edition of our podcast Nordic Spotlight Monthly is here! This time around we’re looking to the future in anticipation of new albums about to be released by some of our favorite artists from the Nordic nations. We hope you enjoy the show! And if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to our podcast and check out past episodes over at iTunes. You can also leave us a comment or review and let us know how we’re doing!


Cityman (FI) – Hold On
Trentemøller (DK) – River In Me
The Radio Dept. (SE) – Swedish Guns
Villa Nah (FI) – Spy
Croatian Amor (DK) – An Angel Gets His Wings
Nils Bech (NO) – Waiting
Chain Wallet (NO) – Faded Fight
Colin John (NO) – Gylden
Teitur/Nico Muhly (FO) – Describe You
Konni Kass (FO) – Time
Apothek (NO) – Family
Tomutonttu (FI) – Studioon Astuu Haavoitumut Ystävä
Johann Johannsson (IS) – Flight From The City

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