You read that headline correctly: our humble little blog is one of the 700+ sites that are being aggregated on a regular basis by the good people at Hype Machine.

Chances are you are intimately familiar with the work that they do, but if not, here’s a quick summation: since 2005, the folks at Hype Machine have been keeping track of what music bloggers are writing about and collecting all that chatter in one place. That way, rather than having to bounce to a dozen or more spots to find new music, you can just point your browser to their site and start digging for jewels. You can favorite tracks for future listening, and find out what your friends are enjoying. Most importantly, you can follow your favorite blogs (hint, hint) and listen to everything they’ve been posting in one nonstop stream. Pretty great, isn’t it?

If you haven’t already, skip on over to our space on Hype Machine and get caught up with the music we’ve been featuring on the site over the last few weeks, and then start mining for your next favorite artists.

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