As we promised last week, we are going to be highlighting the many Nordic bands that are in the lineup for this year’s Iceland Airwaves festival. In the weeks leading up to the big event (which we will be covering for you), we will be adding about 20 more tracks to our Spotify playlist, and putting the spotlight on a few of those artists right here. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Gísli Pálmi

A member of the well-named crew Glacier Mafia, Gísli Pálmi is one of the rising stars of an already thriving Icelandic hip-hop scene thanks in no small part to his wicked flow and copious amounts of attitude. There aren’t many rappers who can get away with punching Bam Margera and recording with Ghostface Killah.

dj flugvél og geimskip

Steinunn Eldflaug Harðardóttir refers to her music as “electronic horror music with a space twist.” What she’s left out of that descriptor is the wonderful sense of humor that each one of her tracks is cut with.

Endless Dark

If their Facebook page is telling the truth, Endless Dark are still without a label, handling all the recording and promotion work for the group in house. That’s quite admirable, but it shouldn’t be too long before this hardcore band is snapped up by some enterprising, international label.


There seems to be no style of electronic music that Futuregrapher can’t handle. His jungle and drum ‘n’ bass tracks are just as masterful and well-crafted as his downtempo and ambient work. Can’t wait to hear what he cooks up for Iceland Airwaves this year.

FM Belfast

Don’t let the name throw you; this group is actually from Reykjavik. That playful name just speaks to the cheeky spirit of their electro-pop originals, which would be welcome on a radio station in Ireland, Iceland, or deep space.

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