We’re continuing our work going through the huge list of Nordic artists that will be descending upon Reykjavik this November to perform at the 2015 Iceland Airwaves festival this week. We’ve updated our Spotify playlist with 20 more artists for you to check out, and we’re going to highlight some of our favorites right here. Enjoy!


As if Ólafur Arnalds hasn’t delighted us enough with his own music, he went ahead and started a duo with his friend Janus Rasmussen called Kiasmos. Together, they make some of the most marvelous minimalist techno grooves around.

In The Company of Men

Naming your band after one of the harshest indictments of modern masculinity around is a bold enough move. Having the music—a growling, blazing take on hardcore rock—to back it up? Priceless.


Danceable pop music rarely feels as emotional and truthful as this. The work of a quintet of Icelandic musicians enriched by the new wave goddess vocals of Margrét Rúnarsdóttir.


Named after one of Can’s most challenging tracks, this Icelandic duo keeps the raw, hypnotic grooves of the Krautrock pioneers they obviously love but use them for more pop-oriented aims.


Lára Rúnars

I adore how this track by the alt-pop group named for lead singer Lára Rúnarsdóttir evokes the greatness of vintage Kate Bush while translating that ghostly beauty for a modern radio ready sound.

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