Nordic Spotlight is happy to announce that we are going to be at this year’s Iceland Airwaves festival. We’ve got full team coverage planned of the event, which is one of the jewels of the ongoing festival season, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. No, not just because we get to spend some time in Reykjavik, but also because the lineup this year is stacked. Artists from all corners of the globe will be there, including Battles, Perfume Genius, and The Pop Group, and a huge contingent of talent from the Nordic nations.

To get both you and us geared up for this year’s Iceland Airwaves, we’re going to spend the weeks leading up to the event highlighting the artists that originate from our favorite corner of the globe. Each week, we’ll be updating our own Spotify playlist with 20 new tracks from the bands and musicians that will be appearing at the festival, and we’ll talk up a few of the choicest cuts right here. Sound good? Well strap in and get your helmet on because we are about to dive right in.


This chamber folk/pop ensemble from Reykjavik create the kind of epic songs that feel custom built for movie trailers or long sweeping shot of desolate locations, be they desert or glacier.


This vicious death metal quintet is currently in the midst of writing a brand new album, which has us holding out hope that we’ll be able to hear some of this fresh riffage and skin peeling tempos at their Iceland Airwaves performance.

Blaue Blume

This Denmark-based quartet has obviously spent some time studying the catalog of shoegaze pioneers like Slowdive and Pale Saints, but take that template into unexpected places thanks to the dramatic, distinctive vocals of front man Jonas Smith.


We’ve talked up Iceland’s growing hip-hop scene on the site before, but if you were looking for further evidence, spend some time with Ragna Kjartansdottir, the bold, brash, and unapologetically feminist rhymer who goes by the name of Cell7.


One of the highlights of the festival is surely going to be the dance party stirred up when this Icelandic producer takes the stage. His dirty basslines and future beats are going to raise one hell of a ruckus.

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