“I’ve got to play it safe,” Danish artist Nille Nyc sings repeatedly throughout her newest song, “Safe Island.” She’s doing anything but: Not only is “Safe Island” the first song she’s produced entirely by herself, but it’s also a meditation on letting go of control. Over oscillating pulses of eerie synths, Nille Nyc leapfrogs among her falsetto, mid-register, and lowest octaves—sometimes shifting from one to the other and then back in what feels just one second—as she ruminates on how the world’s rules, systems, and social standards exert undue pressure on people. “Don’t let it be undercover/Show them the way you need the world to discover,” she commands during the song’s bridge, and her fearlessness makes “Safe Island” a standout in the busy, densely populated world of Scandinavian electropop.

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