If I was pressing up a jukebox 45 of St. Niklas’s “C-O-O-L,” the track I would slip on to the b-side would be this new one from Niki & The Dove. Not only does it carry the same neon-lit vibe of the other tune, but it’s also imbued with the same romantic longing and agony. The kind that makes you want to put a song on repeat and singalong in hopes of creating a ripple in the universe that will inspire that special someone to text. There’s also more than a little bit of Prince worship sprinkled into this tune with its references to “thieves in the temple” and some falsetto vocals that would be welcome on Lovesexy. The rest of the song is pure glitter pop a la DeBarge or late period Human League. Nostalgic, yes, but in a way that still sounds fresh some 30 years after the musical period it is referencing.

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