Night Sports (DK) – “Under The Moonlight”

Newcomer Caspar Bock isn’t really new. The Danish singer used to be half of the Copenhagen-based duo Champagne Riot, but after that project dissolved he started Night Sports and released an EP with a Berlin label. After breaking with the label, he got an offer to produce for another artist, so he moved from Denmark to L.A. and made the move permanent when the producing gig was done. Settled in and inspired by his new home in California, he started making music under the Night Sports name again.

“The new Night Sports stuff is definitely inspired by L.A. — The flipside of Hollywood with all the hopeless, forever up-coming, dreamers (it takes one to know one),” said Caspar of his music’s slow jam 80’s synth-pop vibe. “The sunshine, driving my open sports car up Pacific Coast Highway in a douchy way that only a European could ever get away with…Searching for the greatest things in life, and feeling like they’re always lurking right below the surface in this hazy, magical wonderland.”

Night Sports’ latest track Under The Moonlight is fresh and poppy, and exactly what should be playing through your convertible’s speakers while driving at dusk in the summertime. Add it to your road trip playlist, because it’s a keeper.


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