Teamwork makes the dream work, and here at Nordic Spotlight, we love a good Nordic team. The producer NEIKED and the singer and songwriter Miriam Bryant, both from Sweden (where the latter is a massive pop star), have teamed up for “How Did I Find You,” released just about a month ago. Not long after, the song’s music video dropped; watch it above.

As with pretty much all NEIKED’s visuals, the exact details of his face can’t at all be seen in the video for “How Did I Find You.” On social media and in official press photos, NEIKED disguises his face with a hat and sunglasses, but with this music video, he takes it a step further and doesn’t appear at all. Instead, the video focuses on Bryant, who appears to be having all sorts of fun adventures in a beautiful, clearly European city (NEIKED is from Stockholm, so it’s likely the video was filmed there).

Bryant’s good times match the song’s upbeat vibes: Built on major-key, phaser-heavy synth progressions that swoosh in and out of focus, “How Did I Find You” is euphoria meant for the dancefloor. Interestingly, its chorus is lighter than its verses; the synths that crest and fall during the verses all but disappear during the chorus, which instead takes its strength from Bryant’s angelic, sultry whisper and NEIKED’s mix of popping, groovy bass with snaps and little other percussion. The song’s arrangement is surprisingly minimal for such an uplifting, dance-inducing song, and it’s precisely this quality that ensures the song is experienced as a gorgeous, thrilling salvo rather than a contrived, overproduced junk radio jam.

Just as “How Did I Find You” is musically more complex than its surface shows, it too lyrically boasts an unusual narrative. Unabashed love is there, of course, because this wouldn’t be a dance-pop song without it, but the object of Bryant’s desire is a person whom she admits is unlike her. “We’re opposite, crazy but we just make sense,” she sings during the chorus, reveling in the differences between her and her lover rather than lamenting them or allowing them to break her love. “How Did I Find You” depicts a romance that’s as nuanced as the music over which it’s described.

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