They’re Danish. They have a song called “NO(R)WAY”. Who would’ve thought Mount Rushmore Safari could bring together the Scandinavian and English flow? Their songs will take you to the relaxing picnic on a spring day, as well as to a late night garage-party. And they will do it with a whit of resignation and a little bit of craziness. And…with style.

Mount Rushmore Safari is a four-piece band from Copenhagen. The group was chosen as “the band of the week” on after only 2 months after they started playing together. They released a self-titled EP in January 2012, and the four Danes are now working on their full length debut album and are booking live shows.

Presenting pleasant indie-rock music, their main purpose is to bring natural fun and joy to the people. No pressure, just some delicate guitars, whispery-screeching vocals, and the atmosphere of freedom.

From the band’s Mount Rushmore Safari’s Facebook page:

“Looking back at the past decade of 1980s revival of synth pop, Depeche Mode copycats, and in general all too much poisoned water under the bridge – we – Mount Rushmore Safari – got together thinking it’s about time that someone starts to seek new directions down this path and help our own generation remember the 80s for what they also were…A time of beautiful darkness where bands such as The Smiths, The Cure, New Order, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions and many more fine acts changed the music in the world. We worship this era, and consider it our task to bring it up to date in our own funny little way.”

Noticeably, a touch of The Cure sound can be heard in Mount Rushmore Safari’s music. As well as the constant need for searching the new ways to catch this special “something” that the 80s surely had.

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