We’re deep into the swell of the warmer months right now and every critic I know is clamoring to anoint a new “Song of The Summer 2016.” No doubt, there are plenty of contenders out there, but we’d like to throw one contender into the mix, if you wouldn’t mind.

The music of Benjamin Mørk has evolved dramatically ever since he arrived on the scene a few years back. He began his career playing modern jazz music, in a post-bop vein but with enough odd twists and turns to perk the ears of fans across genres. Nowadays, he has been diving into the waters of pop music with an electronic dance bent. His EP from March of this year Disco In Odd Times felt like the spiritual cousin of synthpop icons like Pet Shop Boys and Kylie Minogue. On this new track, he dials back the gleam and lens flare a bit with a little help from Frode Larsen of The Band Called Oh and adds to the heat of July nicely. This track makes me want to dive into a cold pool, take the dancefloor, or kick back and watch the beautiful people stroll by…or do all three at the same time. That’s the mark of summertime greatness.

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