If you want to know what the word “youth” means, listen to .

Karen Marie Ørsted, alias MØ, is a 23-year-old girl from Copenhagen who is EVERYWHERE on the Internet. This new Danish phenomenon describes MØ on her Facebook page as “The snow nation is eating your brain and your young heart – dark as the apocalypse. So just go perish in the snøw. mø mø mø MØ MØ MØ.”

You read this and you think “what the f*%k?!” (Image nice music in the background to howl down that bad word…although, if you listen to any of the songs, you’ll hear it anyway.)

The music blog This Is A Fake DYI wrote that she “puts convention to one side, as production blends the kind of horn section you might stumble across in a Gwen Stefani track, with what sounds distinctly like a glockenspiel section and the slightest little synth twists and turns.”

Pitchfork notices that “MØ is being touted as the new Grimes, which is going to annoy the old Grimes something rotten, because old Grimes has only just stopped being touted as the new – well, what?”

In the opinion of Listen Before You Buy, “Comparisons with Grimes are already being slung around, although if I’m honest, other than the lady-singer-with-synths thing, I don’t think there’s a particularly strong similarity.”

I could go on with quotations of people that definitely know more about music than I’ll ever will. But what for? There are so many different ways of writing about the same piece of music! Now, let’s get to the point, shall we?

MØ has released just two songs so far. They are called Maiden and Pilgrim. Let’s stick to the second one. Just because we can (or, to be more precise, I can).

You could read a lot about Pilgrim already on the Internet, as well as here in this text. I’ll just say one more thing: this song is so damn catchy! For real! It may not sound so super musically professional from my side, but it’s true. Especially with the chorus, you just want to do the “gangsta dance” (whatever yours looks like) and sing along with MØ “Fuck it up and say it!” (Yep, it is written down, with no music in the background this time.)

Why do you want to do crazy stuff while Pilgrim is playing? Because MØ has the strength and craziness that only a young fearless girl can have. Hey yo! (When you listen, you will understand.)

I think it’s now time for your first time with MØ’s music. I can guarantee you it won’t be the last one. Enjoy, bounce, live! Hey yo! (again, when you listen, you will understand, I hope).

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