On Norwegian duo Misty Coast’s Bandcamp page, the band’s bio is just this quote from the always-trustworthy My Old Kentucky Blog: “Dreamy, psychedelic vibes are a necessary requirement of a balanced music diet and Norwegian duo Misty Coast, comprised of Megaphonic Thrift members Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust, are the latest discovery keeping us healthy.” Misty Coast’s newest single, “Eleven Months,” displays the duo continuing to offer these sounds. In this particular instance, the band leans more strongly into its dream pop senses than its psychedelic tendencies.

“Eleven Months” is built on melancholy, reverb-heavy guitar arpeggios and clean but roaring chords, grumbling bass notes, brisk but restrained snare and tom hits, post-helium vocal oohs and aahs, and Frøkedal’s paper-thin, nasal lyric delivery. Fans of Japanese Breakfast and Beach House are certain to delight in the song’s simultaneously sweet and caustic atmosphere, wistful and nostalgic melodies, and propulsive percussive work. The sounds that Misty Coast so masterfully employs on “Eleven Months” are certain to be heard all over their forthcoming sophomore album, set for release early next year on the always-reliable Norwegian label Brilliance.

Misty Coast recorded the upcoming album over two months in Berlin’s Schoneberg neighborhood, where Frøkedal and Myklebust rented an apartment and converted its living room into a full-on recording space. “Eleven Months” emerged from a writing session that took place on the very first day of the duo’s German stay, and its video is appropriately filled with images of Frøkedal and Myklebust wandering Berlin. Whether caught in nature, on the streets, or elsewhere, the two look completely content and at ease throughout the video.

Even in the nightlife capital of Eastern Europe, though, Misty Coast’s music retains a mysticism that’s Nordic by nature. Chilly, bursting with wonder, and overflowing with melody, Misty Coast’s music makes it clear that you can take the duo out of Norway, but you can’t take the Norway out of the duo.

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