When you think of hotbeds for indie rock music motivated by loud guitars, cheap weed, and skateboarding, what places come to mind? California? Boston? Gothenburg? Okay, maybe not the last one, but MAUER, a new foursome out of the Western Swedish city, is trying its best to change that. With its newest single, “Furniture,” MAUER delivers a slice of loud, confident garage rock that’s equally suited for both a fierce mosh pit and a beer-soaked afternoon hangout.

Although MAUER is new to the scene in Sweden, its members aren’t. The band’s four musicians have previously served stints in stoner metal group Astroqueen and twee pop quartet Sambassadeur. Don’t assume that these musicians’ previous projects influence the sound of “Furniture”; instead, look back to the 1990s and its brand of fuzzy, forward-thinking guitar rock. Singer Svant Osbeck has more than a little Stephen Malkmus in his voice, but think more Slanted & Enchanted than Wowee Zowee. And MAUER’s debut single, “Ease the Pain,” slyly nods towards Dinosaur Jr. in both sound and song title.

While it holds its influences high for the world to see, MAUER has the chops to back it up too. “Furniture” is controlled and propulsive, setting the tone with a simple 4/4 drum beat over a striding guitar line before bursting into a punchy chorus. The hook is heavy and occasionally discordant, but these Swedes never get sloppy or needlessly noisy. No, we’re not talking FIDLAR or some lo-fi Burger Records demo here, but instead a concerted indie rock attack, tight and taut while allowing itself to have some fun in the process.

MAUER released its debut EP, Bad Disease, back in November of last year. Bad Disease and “Furniture” are both out now on Gothenburg’s Welfare Sounds & Records, so go on and update that boozy barbecue playlist.

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