With yesterday’s release of the single Young and Wild, Swedish trio The Magnettes now have the last track written for their debut album “Ugly Youth,” which is scheduled for release this summer.

This rebel-fueled, fuck-you-with-glitter pop song is sweetly infectious. “It’s about bliss and fearlessness,” says the band, “realizing that the moment you’ve been waiting for is now and about holding onto one another when things get rough.” This writer will embellish that statement by declaring that Young and Wild is worthy of sweaty, cool kids house party playlists, or for repeat Bose speaker playbacks on Saturday night top-down, slow-crawl cruises because that’s where this song sparkles.

It also shimmers on TV, because Young and Wild also debuted yesterday on the soundtrack for the Swedish TV show “Finaste Familjen” (Finest Family). In fact, The Magnettes have song credits in several episodes. You can watch Finaste Familjen (probably with a VPN outside of Sweden) here: https://www.tv4play.se/program/finaste-familjen Up next, if there’s even a sliver of justice in this terrible world, this band needs to shine on Top 10 radio in America.

We’re very much looking forward to “Ugly Youth” this summer because, honestly, isn’t it time to empower the Ugly?

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