The Magnettes are nothing but teases. Our beloved Swedish pop group promises a new album is on the way but all they’ll give us is this one little spoonful. They also keep talking about touring the U.S. but somehow never land in our neck of the woods. Oh…we can’t stay mad at them for long though. Rather hard to do so when we’re bouncing ecstatically up and down to this bubbly little pop jam.

If we’re hearing this song correctly, someone in the Magnettes is love with someone in the great state of California and is ready to drop everything to be with them. We’d be jealous about the whole situation if, again, we weren’t shimmying and shaking in our offices like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club. Hurry up with the new record and the full U.S. tour that brings you to our fair city. We’ll be waiting.

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