On very few occasions does a press release come across the wire that makes life easy for us writers. Like the ones that describe the band with less superfluous adjectives than I would come up with. Then again, I’m not really a writer…but I digress. I’m going to let the below description ride and just say you really need to put Little Children on your radar. Seriously. Hollow is soooo good!


Little Children is the alias of the Swedish 28 year old Linus Lutti who creates ornamented and mysterious pop music, dark and tender at the same time. The latest songs from his upcoming EP, IN HAU are his most appealing and relevant contribution emerging from the wide pop scene in Sweden, in loveliness on par with the holy bodies made by Loney Dear, and José González. The music from IN HAU shows maturity since the 2010 debut album IN SILENCE, which gathered much praise including many year-end BEST OF lists.

Little Children’s music, reminds one of such diverse artists as Will Oldham, Bon Iver, Nick Drake, and Red House Painters. But there is something else behind his delivery, a je-ne sais-quoi that makes these references nearly irrelevant. This is part of the uniqueness that is so striking about Little Children.

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