Out in just two days is 1749, the brand new EP from Lemaitre, one of the rising stars of EDM. That’s quite an enigmatic name for a record. Is it an address? Or are they referencing the year in which Charles II, future king of Denmark, was born, and which saw the first public performance of Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks? (Thanks Wikipedia!). Either way, it’s a title befitting the mysterious and slippery feel of the music on the mini-album. Like this tune “Nishio 2,” recorded with fellow electronic producer Giraffage. It’s a bouncy track that sparkles and pixilates like the gleam of a rare jewel rendered in 8-bit graphics form for an early video game. Then there’s the question of that warbling vocal hook that, unless I’m mishearing it, seems to be looking at an awful person from afar and repeating to itself, “I’m so happy I never met you.” Certainly we’ve all felt that same sense of relief, knowing we’ve dodged a bullet by keeping poisonous personalities out of our lives. Here’s the song for those moments.

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