Henrik Jonzon’s latest song as The Late Arthur, “Lake Shore Drive,” suggests that he’ll have no trouble touring when his career gets to that point. Named for the famed Chicago expressway, “Lake Shore Drive” recounts, through the lens of touring and van life, a visit that Jonzon’s grandmother paid him and his parents when they all lived in Chicago. “My sweet grandmother/Touched down for a U.S. tour,” Jonzon sings exuberantly over double-punches of sugary guitar and tom hits. “Not every day you get to go in a van/it’s your lucky day,” he exclaims closer to the chorus, but a less pleasant undercurrent underpins the narrative. “Can’t hide humiliation but we do what we can/It’s my daddy’s way,” Jonzon reminisces before the song’s ultra-catchy but faintly melancholic guitars pick up during the chorus. Whether excitement or despondence, Jonzon is well-prepared for dealing with the wheel of emotions that defines road life.

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