What’s a quick way to get our attention? Open a song with the line, “Got a killer whale in my bathtub.” That’s guaranteed to get us leaning forward and trying to figure out where this is going. When it comes to this new tune from Swedish trio Kristoffer and The Harbour Heads, it’s a dramatic bit of psych-y piano pop that would appear to be an anthem of anger and depression. The whale in the tub? That’s the perfect metaphor for feeling like you’ve got some huge nasty feeling in your gut. It’s not welcome, but you can’t easily get rid of it.

This breathtaking new song is part of what sounds like an impressively dramatic new album from the group. EX/EX is set to be released on November 4th and is, according to the band, was recorded entirely live with as little post-production tweaking as possible. All the better to keep the raw, pure emotion at the heart of each finely honed song.

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