Inspired by Singapore’s skyscrapers, the ice-pop single 1 4LT1TUD3 explores the contrasting aspects of isolation and is the most personal song KRÍA has released in her career so far.

The first Icelandic artist to perform at the Official after party at the Singapore Grand Prix Formula1, singer/songwriter/producer KRÍA was especially taken by the building One Altitude during her stay in the city. “The feeling I got from going to the top of One Altitude in Singapore was overwhelming in a way because the view was so breathtaking. It was in the middle of the night and the sky was lit up by the skyscrapers around, bats flying over your head, and a sudden thunderstorm that cut the night short. It was also at a certain turning point in my life where I’ve since come to terms with my own instincts and learned to enjoy my own company. I wanted to create a track that could capture that moment.”

Look for more releases from the ice-pop sensation later this year.

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