Danish singer and multi-instrumentalist KIM, the moniker of Kim Vagn Wagner and former half of the pop-duo project ColorKaleido, is back with the release his 80s-inspired synthpop debut album “Under Pressure” today, which he personally wrote, recorded, and mixed.

We first heard from KIM via the first single from the album, When the River Runs Dry, which was released in November of last year.

Then, just last month, a second single that he calls a “sassy tribute to his girlfriend” called Choirboy, featuring Danish singer and ColorKaleido partner Christine Milton, was unleashed.

Three of the songs on “Under Pressure” are co-written with Danish singer-songwriter Ida Gard, including the opening track Hungry Hearted People, a soulful reflection on the push-pull of relationships.

“Under Pressure” is a fun, funky collection of 9 electro-retro-pop songs with killer beats and catchy choruses. It’s a solid debut from KIM, and we’re glad to share this 32-minute ride of happiness with you. Push play…let’s dance!

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