Last year, nothing could replace Kenton Slash Demon‘s masterful house track “Harpe” in my mind. When I needed a little inspiration to get that last bit of housework or writing done, I turned to “Harpe.” If a soundtrack to a road trip or a brisk walk was in order, I cranked up “Harpe.” It was my whole musical world and I loved every second of it.

While it remains in the mix, it has to fight for some headspace with the new track by KSD released late last night. “Dok” feels like a spiritual cousin of “Harpe” with its simple 2-step beat anchored by some fine vocal samples and those warm washing synth melodies that fill your synapses with little jolts of endorphins. And goddamn if it isn’t the most infectious dance song to come across my desk so far this year.

The track will be available for your DJ sets and mp3 collections on March 4th and March 11th, respectively, but until then, wear out the play button on SoundCloud with me.

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