On Sweden’s space-pop quartet KÅRP‘s debut album Album I, the track “Kuiper Belt” (which is a real thing, by the way) beckons our attention like a distant, dying, pulsating star — cold, urgent and delicate. A lush, synthetic feast that serves tropical space-noir, the song is both familiar (The Knife, Robyn) and freshly supernational.

“If you build a wall, somebody else is going to build a wall”

Using the imagery of the Kuiper Belt, a space “wall” surrounding our solar system that’s made of a unified collection of space bodies (planets, asteroids, comets, volatile gases) moving in perpetual, synchronized motion, this song is about the freedom gained when there is peaceful, trusting co-existence. A wall that allows for safe movement through and among the perimeter? My kinda wall tbh.

We love this song and think you will, too. In fact, whole of Album I is heavenly.


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