After a THREE year wait (during which we nearly died from anticipation), Swedish dancehall duo Karl X Johan have released a new track for us to go crazy over. Twisted Up is a satisfying, bass lover’s tropical-pop delight that hits all the beach party pleasure buttons. The only complaint we can muster is that the nearly four minute long song should be much longer so that the sexy grind-beats can fully work their magic on listeners before the last beat (and, dunno, pants?) drops.

Prior to Twisted Up, we’d not heard a peep from the Swedish duo since the release of A Better Tomorrow in 2014, which followed Never Leave Me (2013), and before that Get It All (2012), with the aptly-named Flames (2010) starting the fire. Karl X Johan kindly explained their honey-slow songwriting process: “We’ve made a lot of music since A Better Tomorrow in 2014. Or a lot of different versions of a few songs to be exact. That’s how we usually work. Always setting out to make a great departure from our previous single and slowly frustrating ourselves in not being able to fully realize a vision. But then, from time to time, we get it right. It’s sad that we only end up with one finished song after so many hours, days, weeks and years. But we take what we can get. Getting it right once in a while is still worth it. So here’s some Koh Phangan beach party music for you.”

While we appreciate artistic intent and scarcity strategy (and the sizzling song), their timeline of a new track every couple years is pure agony for fans, and we respectfully implore Karl X Johan to not make us wait so long for the next song. The pain of fanatic waiting frenzy is REAL, so how about an EP of all your songs released so far? You could call it “Honey-Slow Pleasure Buttons” — you’re welcome.

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