John Moose (SE) – “Dragsjöberg”

John Moose is more than “just” a band from Sweden — he is the collective alter-ego of the 5-piece folk outfit, the main character in the band’s musically narrated stories about escaping the ambivalence between civilization and nature.

Following their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2015, songs from John Moose’s latest EP “O” are being released as 360-degree music videos — submerging virtual reality — which allows the listener to explore and understand the how the circularity of the woods of Värmland, where the band lives, influenced the way the music sounds.

The first VR release is for the song Dragsjöberg, which is the name of the place where the band wrote the song — it was composed and performed in a 19th-century school house in the deep woods — and means something similar to “the mountain by the lake called Dragsjön”. The band describes Dragsjöberg as a metaphor for how the circle of eternal life will be the death of all of us.

(Note: 360-video works great with Chrome, not so great with Safari)

“In our music,” the band said about their choice of using VR music videos for the EP’s three songs, “we try to let the listeners connect with nature in different ways. This time we tried to describe the circles in nature and felt 360-videos  was a way to emphasis that. It also lets listeners all over the world experience the woods of Värmland, where we live.”

Look for the VR video for Round from “O” to be released into the wild in a couple of weeks, followed by one for Under the Bridge sometime after that. Hooked by the beauty of virtual forest bathing in Värmland that we witnessed in the 360-video for Dragsjöberg, we sure are.


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