When we interviewed Icelandic composer/musician Jóhann Jóhannsson last year, he was still glowing a bit from winning a Golden Globe for his score for the film The Theory of Everything and gearing up to work with director Denis Villeneuve on his upcoming sci-fi film Arrival. Somehow in the midst of all that work, Jóhannsson found space to work on a new studio album. The forthcoming Orpheé is a musical exploration of the myth of Orpheus, as written by Ovid in Metamorphoses and utilizes simple melodic lines to express serious emotional depths. This, the lead track from the album, relies solely on Jóhannsson’s piano and keyboard lines that blend lovingly together, like (as the video here presents) a warm, comforting embrace. Orpheé is set for release on Deutsche Grammophon on September 16th.

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