JFDR is among Icelandic’s most internationally prominent musicians (and a muse of Iceland’s objectively most famous musician, Björk). It’s likely safe to assume that her fanbase extends to France, because her most recent collaborator, Max Sokolinski, is based there.

On Sokolinski’s composition “The Only One,” the two croon across melancholic, dimly lit, introspective rock soundscapes. JFDR’s smoky vocals, which are, as ever, subtly bound by an unflappable vibrato, often form a cocoon around Sokolinski’s ruminations. At other times, she flies solo and allows her longing to launch the isolation and grief of Sokolinski’s guitar lines towards the heavens. “I’ve done everything you wanted,” the two sing during the song’s chorus, and it’s true: “The Only One” is great as is.

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