Jenny Hval performed one of the best live sets I’ve seen all year last night at Portland’s Mississippi Studios. The Oslo-born artist beautifully balanced the constraints of the pop concert with modern theatrical performance. And unlike her bold show at Øya Festival, she did it all using only the aid of a musical accompanist. She moved in a narcotic-like haze around the stage, speaking and singing about the sexual politics of music, and her work at accepting and appreciating her female form in the face of the male gaze. Though pictures and a couple of short video clips can’t do it justice, please enjoy the moments we captured on camera from her Thursday night showcase.

Jenny Hval

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Jenny Hval 1 Jenny Hval 2 Jenny Hval 3 IMG_4889 IMG_4897 Jenny Hval 6 Jenny Hval 7

Hval/Del Ray

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