Reptile Youth (Denmark) – Background and their thoughts on playing at SXSW 2012.

Short bio: Reptile Youth have without a single release gained great international recognition through their intense live shows. In 2011 the band played at several venues and festivals, including Reeperbahn Festival (DE), Montreux Jazz Festival (CH), Wavves Vienna (AU), Sonic Visions (LUX), Unit Tokyo (JP), SPOT Festival (DK) and Roskilde Festival (DK).

In 2012, Reptile Youth’s self–titled debut album will be released.

Is this your first time at SXSW?


Is this your first time being in America?

As a band yes!

What have you enjoyed most about being in America?

Dr pepper!

What are you looking most forward to?
Playing concerts and biking in Austin!

Are there any bands you look forward to seeing?

Deathcrush who just did a remake of one of our songs and Grimes!

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