Nive Nielsen of Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children talks to us about her background and her thoughts of playing at SXSW 2012.

Short bio: If you got a team of the greatest children’s book writers in the world together, they couldn’t invent Greenlandic folk pop singer Nive Nielsen. In her case at least, band bios are simply stranger than fiction.

A few facts about her: The first concert she ever played was for the queen of Denmark on national television; she acted in the Hollywood movie The New World starring Colin Farrell; and she actually is Inuit – well, Inuk – an indigenous Greenlander. Also, it’s daylight all summer where she lives.

A few more facts: She plays a little red ukulele in a band called the Deer Children with her boyfriend, multi-instrumentalist named Cowboy Jan. She writes songs about love and reindeer and forgetting to make coffee.

Here’s a taste of her sound:

Is this your first time at SXSW?

How has your past experience been at SXSW?

It’s been wonderful. crazy and hectic and wild and real tiring, too…but wonderful. Meeting people, hearing awesome music, eating amazing foods, and just be overwhelmed by it all. I mean, our entire country has 56,000 people – you can imagine how overwhelming SXSW is for us.

We got super good responses by playing last year. We started in Savannah, GA where we by chance met a classic harpist girl whom we convinced to drive to Austin and join our band for the occasion, so she did. Loaded her harp in a van and drove through half the U.S. We played for a lot of people at the Filter/Dickies party and got great press which led to us getting our European deal going so that was good. But mainly I recall hot days strolling in thw sun sipping ice coffee while looking at all the people, and sleepless nights with great concerts and wild parties and random meetings and a well-prepared plan for seeing stuff that would always not work out. That was fine because going with the flow and seeing what happens is kind of the only thing to do that makes sense while at SXSW.

What have you enjoyed most about being in America?

Wow, a lot. The people (well, most of them) and their interest and curiosity in other people; the awesome food; the fact that you can drive and drive and actually go places (in Greenland there’s no roads between towns, one has to fly. Or in summer, take a long boat trip). It’s a big adventure, you see.

What are you looking forward to again while in Austin?

Oh, seeing shows of course. Having Amy’s ice cream – everyone should do that at least once while there. Going to my favorite record store End of an Ear. Eating BBQ and Tex Mex but also Louisiana food in a mall outside the city center, which may just be my favorite Austin hang out. Strolling in the East Side, which is super cool and chill with a lot of hidden cool places and awesome little cafes and bookstores. Taking a boat trip on the river and hanging out in Barton Springs for a day, or rent a bike and follow the river. Meeting up with friends we made last year. And being surprised every day. Yup, sure am looking forward to going.

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