Team Me shares their background and their expectations of SXSW 2012.

Short bio: Team Me is a young six-piece indie pop band from Elverum, a small city outside of Oslo, the capital of Norway. Formed in January 2010, the band has since commandeered attention from all over the world for their warm, rich, orchestrated melodies.


Is this your first time at SXSW?

Yes, this is out first time at SXSW.

Is this your first time being in America?

For most of us it’s our first time in America. Marius had a week in New York some years ago, with his uncle. Everyone has been hoping to get to visit America for a long time, so this is awesome!

What are you looking most forward to?

We’re all just really excited to see what America is like. America has been a big influence on Norway for many years. So, I think most Norwegians wonder if America really is like the way you see in tv-shows and movies. AND we get to play some gigs and show our music to the American people, which is really exciting!

Are there any bands you look forward to seeing?

Hopefully we’ll have some time to watch other bands. I guess there’s gonna be a bunch of great bands playing, that we we’ll discover some haven’t heard of yet. So, hopefully new music. Really looking forward to see Of Montreal, though!

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