Swedish band Solander shares their background and expectations for SXSW 2012.

Short bio: Solander is a Swedish pop/folk/indie trio on the search for higher grounds and deeper forests to explore. We like making simple pop songs but always twist them around one way or another. The songs we write may often sound a bit sad, but for some reason playing sad songs makes us happy. Thank you for listening!

Is this your first time at SXSW?

Yes, it is!

Is this your first time being in America?

No, we have been here one or two times each, but this time is the grand premiere for Solander.

What have you enjoyed most about being in America?

A couple of years ago we all traveled the east coast together. And the highlights of that trip would be the bar Union Hall in Park Slope NY, George Eastman house in Rochester and this breakfast place in the middle of nowhere. The pancakes tasted like heaven. Actually, even though we didn’t think we would, we enjoyed having breakfasts at small road diners. Except for the large and horrible coffee!

What are you looking most forward to?

After SXSW, we are heading west for a two week tour. For this period we have heard that its possible to spot some whales outside of San Fransisco. For Fredrik this would be a dream come true. Otherwise we look forward to see some friends in San Diego, LA and Portland. And, of course to the palm trees, clear blue sky, sunniness and vegetarian food of California. For shows we imagine SXSW to overwhelm us in every sense of the word. Just hanging around with so many people who share the love for music seems like the best of times!

Are there any bands you look forward to seeing?

Oh yes! First of all it would be The War on drugs, Magnetic fields and Clare and the reasons. Otherwise it feels like the best place to keep an open mind and try to get surprised!

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