So what is going on with this tour?

Well, Savior is being released on the 14th of May so I’m going on tour in Germany in the summer, and also make a tour of the UK in the fall. But the US is quite a challenge, I would love to come to your country as well, but let’s see how everything works out.

Well we would love to have you here.

I would love to come of course! I’ve never been in your country.

It’s pretty big here. [Laughs] So let’s go back to your time in Film School.

I went to study sound design for movies and television, and it’s really close to that when you’re composing music. It’s about tension and release…it’s the same thing that’s happening in sound design, so it’s really interesting to study that subject, and movies are one of my passions. It’s wonderful to create your own soundscape.

What are some of your all-time favorite movies?

It’s really hard to say just one or two but I like Stanley Kubrick’s movies…2001: A Space Odyssey, it’s a masterpiece, one of my all-time favorites. If you listen to the soundtrack, it’s marvelous – an intelligent way of approaching the movie.

So you’re not really the Romantic Comedy type?

Oh it depends on the mood [laughs], sometimes…and of course everyone loves Amélie.

So if you weren’t performing music, what would you be doing?

Oh WOW! [long pause] What would I be doing?…I have to think. Of course it’s easy to say I would be a sound designer, but I am already that. Well…I think I would do something with art. I probably would be a painter. I would probably paint landscapes. I haven’t really ever thought about it though, I’ve always just wanted to write music, it’s such a passion.


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