Iffy Orbit (NO) – “Slow Times”

Psych rockers Iffy Orbit have released a video for their single Slow Times, and it’s a fascinating blend of the angst and heart flutters found at the middle school proms of Norway and the U.S.A.

Slow Times is a song that is as old as our band itself,” said the band. “The Norwegian prom is way less flashier than the American prom. It’s always in an odd, unfitting place, it’s winter and it’s minus -20 degrees Celsius. The suits are too big, the dresses have too big bust, the cool kids bring mouthwash as alcohol and there’s a lot of stiff dancing. Middle school prom is a Norwegians first clumsy step into adulthood, and that is a lot of what our upcoming album is about.”

Look for Slow Times as a track on Iffy Orbit’s debut album, out in September.


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