Iffy Orbit (NO) – Slow Times LP

Norwegian indie cuties Iffy Orbit have debuted! Their LP “Slow Times” is glorious and makes everything is right with the world. It’s 10 songs strong with a great indie-pop energy that is a treat to listen to. Here are a few of the tracks we like the most and why:

The album’s title track Slow Times is a fascinating blend of the angst and heart flutters.

The track Night // Day is a disco-elecro ride into the sunset with yummy pop synths for snacking on.

Not Good Enough features juxtaposed bluesy guitars and shimmery electronics that create a very satisfying shoegaze/electro-pop hybrid.

Let It Go is an upbeat soul-stirrer that compels your body to move.

You’ll find the “Slow Times” LP streaming on Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and SoundCloud, so you’ve got lots of options to give it a spin. Push play, let’s dance!


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